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Founded on December 2017, the Kremlyn Sound is a recording studio located in Nongthymmai, Shillong.

The Kremlyn Sound Recording Studio, Shillong aims to bring quality music and recording services to up-and-coming artists as well as established names in the music industry here. It’s our top priority to make sure that all our clients are provided with the best vocal/instrumental recording, music production and audio engineering services in Shillong and beyond.


Kremlyn Recording Studio, Shillong
Whether you need to record a song, a podcast, an interview, a voice-over or any other kind of audio recording for that matter, The Kremlyn Sound Recording Studio can provide you with an amazing quality recording experience for a reasonable hourly rate.

Kremlyn Recording Studio, Shillong
Whether you need an instrumental for an upcoming solo/album project produced or a sound/jingle for a company advertisement made, we provide our clients with professional digital music productions for all kinds of projects, genres and niches.

Kremlyn Recording Studio, Shillong
Mixing & Mastering
Do you have audio clips, vocals or recorded instrumentals that needs professional mixing and mastering in Shillong? Our sound engineers can transform your recorded audio clips, music snippets and other audio elements to professional-sounding, polished audio mix-downs that sounds amazing regardless of where you play your audio from.

Kremlyn Recording Studio, Shillong
In the music industry, it’s no secret that music videos play a vital role in pushing your songs to your audiences. Kremlyn’s visual production team can help you take your music to new heights with professional videos that we can script, direct and edit according to your music content and your requirement.

Our Equipment

The Kremlyn Sound Recording Studio, Shillong is equipped with the latest audio recording and engineering equipment to provide our clients with an amazing quality recording experience.

Our equipment include:

  • The latest Audio Technica™ condenser microphones  for recording vocals and instrumentals.
  • Professional Senheiser™ Headphones for audio playback.
  • Focusrite™ Sound Interfaces for our studio’s audio input and output.
  • Yamaha™ 6.5″ Studio Monitors for playback, mixing, mastering and producing music and other sound elements.
  • Adobe Audition™ as our Digital Audio Workstation software for recording. editing and producing music and audio files.

Contact Us

Kremlyn Recording Studio is open 6 days a week (Mon-Sat) from 11AM to 11PM.

You can contact us at kremlyn.recording [at] or you can get in touch with us online via the form below: